Early Preschool: 3 Years Old

The TLC three-year-old program is designed to accommodate your child’s active imagination as they learn and use their developing personalities to share and communicate with their peers and teachers. They have active imaginations and are eager to learn. Our teachers know that a balanced learning environment that encompasses both education and fun is the key to a three-year-olds learning experience.


3-year-olds are unique in their own way, each one different and fiercely independent and full of questions and curiosities. Our teachers will continue encouraging and celebrating their curiosities while also expanding their educational depth by reading, writing, and problem-solving. They will further develop their listening skills through the ABeka curriculum, art, music, and creative play.

• Language development and verbal skills
• Phonics and writing comprehension
• Number concepts and recognition
• Introduction to math and science
• Character development
• Storytelling and dramatic play
• Memory games
• Outdoor activities
• Computer skills
• Spanish classes
• Signing Time
• Brain-based learning

• Phonics Based Curriculum
• Language Development & Listening Skills
• Beginning Letter Recognition
• Simple Counting & Number Concepts Supplement with Music, Computers, and Foreign Language Curriculums
• Science, Social Studies, Art & More through Discovery Learning
• Signing Time Curriculum
• Children-Directed Learning Centers
• Dramatic Play Center