Early Preschool: 2 Years Old

At age 2 your child starts to recognize feelings, is full of curiosity, and eager to explore. Our classrooms provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows children to learn and grow. TLC Teachers understand that encouraging children to discuss their ideas, opinions, feelings, and needs is important to their emotional growth. We will motivate them to explore individual interests while teaching them to be kind, and respectful towards others.


Our curriculum recognizes and celebrates your child’s independence and self-reliance, while also teaching them important foundational skills for core subjects such as early phonics and letter recognition, language development and listening skills, simple counting and number concepts, science, health, and social studies. We also help build their social, physical, and personal skills like potty training, indoor and outdoor exercise activities, hygiene practices, eating etiquette, and problem-solving skills.

• Hand-eye coordination
•Computer skills
•Introduction to the Spanish language
•Art and dramatic play
•Cooking experiences
•Storytelling, rhymes, poems and finger-plays
•Music and movement
•Signing Time
•Brain-based learning

• Phonics Based Curriculum
• Language Development & Listening Skills
• Beginning Letter Recognition
• Simple Counting & Number Concepts Supplement with Music, Computers, and Foreign Language Curriculums
• Science, Social Studies, Art & More through Discovery Learning
• Signing Time Curriculum
• Children-Directed Learning Centers
• Dramatic Play Center