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ABeka Curriculum Sees Success at Plano Child Care Facility

At TLC Schools, we have chosen the ABeka© curriculum for students ages two through Kindergarten. We believe ABeka is the most outstanding and well-rounded program available. It is thorough, detailed and structured. It ensures that your child will be taught new material at each level, while reviewing previously taught material. This approach provides continuity and reinforcement in the learning process. Most importantly, ABeka allows our teachers to concentrate on what is most important – your child.

The curriculum starts at the age of two with language development and listening skills. This includes color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety manners and science. Skills also include beginning math skills with simple counting 1-25 and number concepts 1-10.

After twos, TLC Schools continues ABeka in our threes school. Skills added include recognition of name, sound, picture, and formation of vowels and consonants in upper and lower case, as well as counting 1-25 and number concepts 1-15.

In both the twos and threes age groups, arts and crafts are incorporated with projects focusing on colors, shapes, following directions, hand-eye coordination, and music lessons.

In the Pre-K School, Abeka focuses on the recognition of name; sound and picture of long and short vowels; consonants; sounding out blends as well as one and two-vowel words. The Pre-K Abeka curriculum also encourages reading short sentences and stories with one and two-vowel words. The Pre-K School also works on handwriting skills, number skills with counting 1-100, number concepts 1-20, and simple addition facts. Arts and Crafts helps to develop motor skills with drawing, coloring, cutting and gluing.

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