What might a child bring to summer camp TLCSchools Plano TX
What might a child bring to summer camp?
November 5, 2020
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What age does preschool start in USA?
November 5, 2020

What is Abeka curriculum?

What is the Abeka curriculum? – TLCschools.com Plano Texas

What is Abeka curriculum? It’s no secret that there are a ton of different preschool curriculums to choose from. From the Montessori program, the Robin curriculum, the Bank Street formula, and the hundreds of others, it seems like there are countless different options. For some parents, choosing an appropriate program for your child can be an overwhelming prospect – nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be! 

For many families, choosing a preschool curriculum is easy once they learn about all the amazing benefits an excellent program has to offer. In the case of the Abeka curriculum, parents can expect realistic learning milestones, unique consideration in the cognitive and motor abilities among preschools, hands-on activities, and so much more. With the Abeka curriculum, you can expect results and child involvement through every step of the way.

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How does the Abeka curriculum work?


What is the Abeka curriculum?

What is the Abeka curriculum? – TLCschools.com Plano Texas

The Abeka curriculum focuses on turning play time into learning time. When it comes to early childhood education, we focus on letting kids be kids while we develop a strong foundation for later academic work. We do this via a series of different strategies: 

  • Making learning numbers fun. Your average Abeka mathematics workbook features large, simple pictures for our up-and-coming scholars. By counting objects and coloring them in, our students gain essential knowledge in beginning mathematics. This fun-based approach also takes into account hand-eye coordination and motor skill development – it’s not just about the numbers!
  • Hands-on arts and crafts. Our arts and crafts projects combine memory integration, coordination, and other daily concepts to create fun activities that enlighten. When you enroll your child in an Abeka program, arts and crafts also include music. Parents, children, and teachers alike can sing songs as they color, learn, and craft together!
  • Useful childcare tips to propel your child’s education further. With this form of high reach learning, curriculum is supplemented with helpful additional tips to take home. Different from homework, these tidbits of information help you interact with your child’s education on an innovative level.
  • Unique memory-based learning for the ins-and-outs of cognitive progress. Abekka’s program offers flash cards, songs, stories, and more, all in the name of advancing memory development. When it comes to helping your child remember seasons, letters, colors, and numbers, Abekka has all the tips and tricks to make key concepts stick. 

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At TLCSchools Plano Texas, we use the Abeka program because it’s the right choice for our community; it gets our children excited to step into the classroom each morning, and it gives our parents keen insight into everything in their child’s academic foundation. As our students grow beyond preschool and into kindergarten, even if it isn’t an Abeka kindergarten program, they’ll have the tools they need to excel in their early educational goals and beyond.


How can the Abeka curriculum benefit my child’s future?

It’s been proven that pre-school programs prepare kids for kindergarten in leaps and bounds, especially for children who may have experienced early insecurity. Whether that means developing stronger brain circuits or supplementing their own self-regulation, preschool is the best choice for developing brains.

And as for the Abeka curriculum, parents can expect a well-implemented program that provides a safe, exciting learning environment for their children. Our instruction is based on interactive play, creative crafts, music, and inventive ways of advancing emotional skills.

Our teachers also focus on individualized support, meaning that every child gets what they need from our programs regardless of their background. At TLCSchools, we look past numeracy insecurity, literary challenges, and past economic instability. With the Abeka curriculum in-hand, we’re looking to bridge the gap between uncertainty and bright futures.


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