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April 8, 2021
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How TLC Plano Engages Kids With Virtual Fieldtrips

virtual fieldtrips- tlc schools plano tx

How TLC Plano Engages Kids With Virtual Fieldtrips

virtual fieldtrips- tlc schools plano tx

TLC Plano keeps kids engaged with virtual fieldtrips.  When the CoronaVirus Pandemic left us in our homes, unable to travel, go to school or even go to work in some cases, we had to come up with creative ways to keep our children educated and engaged. 


Keeping our students and staff safe and healthy is our number one priority along with the top tier education and curriculum we provide.


When we were allowed to have our students back in our learning facility, we had to stop all outside field trips, visitors, and outside professionals who came into the building for education and entertainment for our students in order for their health and safety to be maintained.  We began to focus on virtual fieldtrips to keep our kids engaged.


How We Adjusted for COVID-19

At TLC we are proud of the curriculum we have created for our students. We provide many outlets for learning and creative expression. 


The TLC Curriculum focuses on teaching the education foundations such as math, science, writing, reading and social studies as well as teaching our students to use their imagination through art, theater, and dramatic play.  


TLC schools also embraces the ability to teach our children how to use technology and the proper use of computers. Through utilizing this technology we  also teach sign language to our children. Our previous article “How Does Signing Time at TLC Schools Help Children Learn?,” takes a more detailed look at how we teach sign language at different age levels and why we love the Signing Time program. 


Thinking Outside the Box, but Looking In.. with Virtual Fieldtrips

virtual fieldtrips-tlc plano tx

Even though we couldn’t go out for field trips, we decided to use the incredible technology available to us and take Virtual FieldTrips


Through virtual fieldtrips our students can still be engaged and immersed in the world around them. We use Discovery Education virtual fieldtrips to take our students to amazing places and see remarkable things without ever leaving the classroom


Discovery Education doesn’t just take us to a new place, they also provide us with a packet of educational material and hands-on activities so that the children aren’t just “watching a TV program” all day. 


The Virtual Field Trips are free and don’t limit us to just our surroundings. This has helped us open up the world to our students. 


Virtual Field Trips can vary by place, subject or topic. Some fields trip topics include, health and wellness, sports, technology, the environment and animals, literacy and more. The Virtual Field Trips are offered for all age groups so that the youngest children all the way to high school or college students can learn from them. 


Leaders in Education

As leaders in education, TLC Plano always strives to do more and transform our students to become better, more well-rounded children. Through the Virtual Field Trips, we are able to do just that. 


We can teach our students about different cultures, countries, animals and more through the Virtual Field Trips. We can even take them under the sea and into outer space! 


Technology has emerged and grown so much for educational purposes during the pandemic and we are glad to be able to use the technology and programs available to teach our students. 


If you are interested in sending your child to daycare or early educational program search for “daycares near me” to see if TLC Schools is within an adequate distance to your home or workplace. 

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