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How Does Signing Time at TLC Schools Helps Children Learn?

How Does Signing Time at TLC Schools Help Children Learn?

signing time- tlc schools


Did you know that sign language is being taught to infants and toddlers?  A program called Signing Time has been developed specifically officially for young children and their parents to learn basic sign language at a very early age. At TLC Schools we use Signing Time in our baby, toddler and preschool classrooms to further enrich the development of our children. 



Research has shown that children who learn sign language at an early age have improved cognitive, language and emotional development compared to their peers who haven’t learned. 


An interesting finding during a non-experimental study was that toddlers and children who were taught sign language used that to convey their needs and wants instead of crying or whining. 


This shows that children do understand their needs at any early age, but because they don’t have the language to express it, they become frustrated and upset. 


TLC Curriculum

When deciding on different curriculums for our classrooms here at TLC Schools, we knew that integrating the Signing Time program into our schools would have a positive, educational and cognitive response from our children and parents. 


What is Signing Time?

signing time- tlc schools

When Rachel found out that her 14 month old daughter Leah was deaf she and her husband quickly learned sign language and taught her as much as quickly as they learned it. Rachel’s sister Emilie was fascinated and awed by the way Leah was able to communicate with her parents through sign language compared to her non-deaf peers who had not yet learned to talk. She taught her son Alex sign language and he also learned to communicate well with this new language. 


Rachel went on to create an educational video for her friends and family which taught them basic sign language words and phrases so that they could communicate with Leah. 


The video gained interest and many were asking for more videos from Rachel. Rachel and Emilie decided to start making the Sign Time videos. These videos are now used as the educational tools for babies, toddlers and young children and have been featured on networks and programs such as Nick Jr. and The Today Show and publications such as NPR, Parents, and The New York Times. 


Incorporating Signing Time at TLC

We strive to see our children thrive and flourish. Each program  in our curriculum is carefully curated from the top programs across the educational system. 


By including signing time we are giving our children a unique experience to learn a new language and expand their cognitive abilities. 


They will also be exposed to children who are different from them at a young age. They will learn about children with disabilities and learn not to treat or view them any differently from anyone else. This will teach them diversity and respect and kindness from the start. 


Our Infant Childcare, Toddler Childcare, Pre-K and Preschool curriculums all include age appropriate Signing Time programs. 


TLC Creates Well-Rounded Students 

We are proud of the curriculum we have created for each age group and we know that every child will benefit from the programs we have to offer. We also incorporate Abeka’s award winning phonetics program. For more information about Abeka read our previous article, “What is the Abeka Curriculum?”.


The location for our Daycare in Plano, TX is centrally located to welcome parents and their children from the surrounding areas to join our school. Search for “Preschools near me” to see if we are within driving distance from your home or work. 


If you are interested in learning more about our school, please contact us. We will be happy to give you a virtual tour, information about our curriculum or even a chance to chat with our teachers. 

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