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5 Benefits of Preschool Sign Language

preschool sign language

Do you know the benefits of preschool sign language? When parents think of their children learning a second language, most immediately think of Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, or English if it is not their first language. What many parents do not consider is that learning sign language as a secondary language could be even more beneficial, and some do not even know it is an option at all! While learning any additional language at any age certainly comes with its own perks, preschool sign language is unique in the vast array of benefits that it offers to children who are taught it from an early age. Let’s take a look at some of these most notable benefits, and how TLC Schools can help implement signing time into your child’s routine. 


One of the many positives that arise from encouraging your child to learn sign language early on is the boost in their self-esteem. This psychological benefit can stick with them for years to come, as they go forth with confidence because of their ability to communicate effectively in various ways. Knowing what they are trying to say, and them having a way to express it makes them more sure of themselves when it comes to communication, requests, and negotiations. 

Speech Development 

There is a common misconception that a child may be slower to hone their speaking skills if they are taught sign language in preschool, when in fact, the opposite is true. Preschool sign language encourages children to communicate in multiple ways and creates a comfortability with communication that translates into speech development as well. Multiple resources have shown that learning sign language early on, even as early as six months, can result in spoken words a lot earlier than children who have not been taught sign language. 

Language Comprehension

Along the same lines as speech development, learning sign language can also increase a child’s language comprehension. This means that children who learn and actively engage in signing time typically have a much more extensive vocabulary. It can assist children with understanding what is being said to them, as well as answering or responding both verbally and by signing. Preschool sign language can also make it easier for children to learn and remember the alphabet and how words and names are spelled. It can even benefit their reading skills! 

benefits of preschool sign language

Expressing Feelings

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of teaching young children sign language is their ability to effectively convey their wants and needs and to express their feelings. This eliminates much of the frustration that surrounds childhood when children are unable to communicate that they are hungry or hurting or tired. When there is less frustration in your child’s life, they are also less prone to having temper tantrums, as these are generally results of anger. This also assists with cultivating the ability to recognize and name the feelings they are experiencing. 

Cognitive Boost

One more benefit of preschool sign language the cognitive development boost that it gives children. There are many intellectual perks that can be attributed to learning sign language. Children who are taught this early on tend to have higher IQs and higher standardized test scores. They also have enhanced memory functions, as they are utilizing more senses while they are learning. Sign language encourages children to think more abstractly and enriches their problem-solving skills, both for themselves and in social situations. This education fosters active listening skills, awareness of other individuals, and more. 

Why TLC Schools? 

TLC Schools recognizes the many benefits that learning sign language provides to children. This is why we incorporate signing time for all of our age groups. In this fun and interactive approach, children can be introduced to over 1,000 signs and learn how to put them together in sentences. If you are looking for a preschool in Plano that will set your child up for success, look no further than TLC Schools. If you have further questions, be sure to reach out, or set up a virtual tour today

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