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What Preschool Near Me Teaches Immersive Spanish?

Immersive Spanish

When it comes time to look for a preschool or daycare for your little one, there are many options to consider, such as what curriculum is utilized, what additional skills are taught, and what extracurricular activities are offered. At TLC Schools, we believe that, in addition to our standard subject matter, providing the education of a second language greatly benefits children in many ways. In fact, we not only consider it beneficial, we consider it essential to children’s primary development. It is for this reason that we teach an immersive Spanish class. Let’s take a look at what an immersive language course means, and what the benefits of learning a second language are. 

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What is Immersive Spanish? 

Immersion into a language (in this case, Spanish), is a highly effective way to teach and learn how to speak, read, write, and understand a language in its entirety. In this approach to secondary language education, it is not taught as a subject with terminology to simply memorize, but rather as an immersive experience into the language as a whole and the culture which encapsulates it. Language immersion can begin at any age, and at TLC Plano, we typically introduce Spanish to children at the age of two. 

Language immersion can take many forms, from partial to full immersion. Partial immersion is often utilized when a language is being introduced, and constitutes approximately half of the time spent on education being dedicated to learning the language itself. This approach also effectively introduces the culture of the country or regions where the language is spoken. Conversely, total immersion is where the entire class time is spent learning and speaking the language. Total immersion creates a more permanent learning process and encourages students to engage and converse with each other in that language, giving them a more natural feel for the subject matter, rather than simply memorizing sentences and repeating them. 

Immersive Spanish Preschool

What are the Benefits? 

There are many benefits to learning a second language, especially early on. Bilingual students not only advance their linguistic skills, but also experience boosts in cognitive and creative skills. They typically perform better on standardized tests, scoring far higher than students who were not educated in a second language. They also have a stronger command of their first language, and possess a higher aptitude for learning advanced reading skills. Learning a second language, being immersed in it, and conversing in it regularly can actually improve the function of the brain, increasing the amount of grey matter, which processes information such as memories and sensory capabilities. 

In addition to all of the intellectual benefits that are gained with the learning of a second language, there are emotional benefits as well. Bilingual children tend to be much more curious and accepting of other cultures, harnessing a more positive outlook on those who come from different backgrounds than their own. Learning a second language opens opportunities for students to communicate with individuals from other parts of the world, and can make international travel more feasible and enjoyable. Last, but not least, children can gain more confidence in themselves and their interactions with others simply by learning an additional language. 

Why TLC? 

If you have found yourself searching for “Preschool Near Me” or “Daycares Near Me” and you have discovered TLC Schools, you may be wondering what sets us apart. In addition to this immersive Spanish learning experience, we also offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes fun approaches to education (check out our ABC Mouse Computer Class at a Preschool Near Me blog post!). Our teachers and staff are invested in providing the best level of education and enrichment for your child. Want to learn more? Set up a virtual tour of the facility today! 

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