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Meet the Zono Machine at TLC Schools

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Meet the ZONO Machine at TLC Schools

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Do you know what a Zono Machine is?  Here at TLC Schools we take sanitation and cleanliness seriously. Even before COVID-19 closed our school, businesses and kept everyone at home, we utilized the best products available to keep our students and staff healthy.

One of the products that we have used prior to COVID-19 to keep our toys and classroom items clean and germ free is the ZONO Machine.

What is the ZONO Machine?

The Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinet.  Your weapon in the fight against infectious disease.

The ZONO Ozone Cabinet kills 99.99% of common viruses+ on non-porous surfaces and 99.9% of common bacteria* on non-porous, porous and semi-porous surfaces.

The ZONO utilizes a combination of: Process control, Ozone Concentration, Humidity and Time to achieve consistent and U.S. laboratory confirmed disinfection and sanitization levels. Our Integrated Mobile Rack and Cart System eliminates cross contamination and cuts down on user handling of equipment.

Simply place items in the cart, roll the cart into the ZONO and items are disinfected and sanitized in 30 minutes. No rinsing or wiping needed. Items may be used immediately.

Why we love the ZONO Machine

The Zono machine gives us, and families peace of mind that our facility is clean and as germ-free as possible. Our top priorities are the education of our students (read our latest article, “What is the Abeka Curriculum?” to get a more in-depth look at part of our curriculum) and their health and safety along with our staff members.

The ZONOs Machine has been placed in 325 childcare centers and has protected 4,875 staff members and over 48,000 children.

Our children aren’t always the neatest. Even with sticky hands, sneezy palms, and paint covered fingers, our children will touch anything and everything they can play with and get their hands, or mouths on, will ultimately need to be cleaned every day. We are so grateful that this machine is able to sanitize toys, crayons, markers, blocks, puzzle pieces and more.

We made an investment in the Zono machine and we know that it has paid for itself over and over again especially over the last year with the threat of the Coronavirus lingering around every corner.

By using the ZONO Machine each and every day we take one more step away from contracting the virus and other illnesses and bacteria that can stay and attach to surfaces.

Our Safety & Sanitation Protocols

kids hand washing- zono machine

When we were allowed to open our doors back to our students we were thrilled to be teaching them again. However, we knew that keeping them along with our staff safe and healthy was going to be a great challenge, similar to what other educational facilities, daycares and even hospitals and healthcare facilities were facing.

The Current COVID-19 Protocols We have in Place

In addition to the Zono machine, below is a list of our standard health and safety practices that we have placed in our Daycare in Plano, TX along with what we have incorporated to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Limiting building access to staff and students only
Wellness checks on all children and monitoring for sign of illness
Temperature screening upon entering the school
Temporarily suspending all in-person tours
Thorough cleaning and sanitizing procedures by staff and janitorial service
Use of MicroSheild 360 for long lasting active sanitation
Frequent handwashing practices
Requiring those exposed to cases of COVID-19 to quarantine for 14 days as directed by the CDC
Implementing individually served meals instead of family style
Pausing field trips temporarily
Requiring face mask to be worn by staff

Join Our Classroom

child hand painting- zono machine

If you are interested in taking a virtual tour of our school or meet a few of our teachers, we would be happy to set that up for you! We are always welcoming new students and their families into our classroom. We are Plano, TX top daycare and early childhood education facility. If you want to know if you live or work closely to our school, simply search for “preschools near me” to see how far out school is from you. Please contact us or visit our website to learn more about our curriculum and programs!

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