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April 9, 2021
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Best Daycares Near Me | TLC Schools

best daycares near me| virtual fieldtrips-tlc plano tx

Best Daycares Near Me | TLC Schools

boy in classroom giving thumbs up- tlc schools- plano, tx

Have you been wondering, “what are the best daycares near me”?  Deciding on a daycare, preschool or pre-k school for your child is an important decision. Where you decide to send them for early education can make all the difference in the future of their academic success. So how do you know which daycare program fits the needs of your child and has an outstanding curriculum? 

Benefits of Daycare & Early Education Programs

To further substantiate the importance of daycare and early education programs (preschool & pre-k) please review the following statistics and benefits. 


What They Learn:

  • Social interaction
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Routine/schedule adoption
  • Language development
  • Educational foundations of learning (reading, numbers, color recognition, letters)
  • Awareness of others feelings as well as their own through emotional discovery
  • Basic manners and etiquette 
  • Discipline, attention and listening skills 
  • Preparation for school/continued education


Did You Know?

90% off brain development happens before a child’s fifth birthday? 


Children who do not read will by the 3rd are 4 times more likely to drop out?


Adults who participated in a preschool program are more likely to have a job and have higher earnings. 


Students who attended preschool are 20% more likely to graduate high school compared to their peers who did not attend. 


Once in the workforce those who attended preschool or a form of early childhood education earned on average 2,000 dollar more a month than those who did not participate in early childhood education. 


If you’ve started the search for “preschools near me” or “daycares in Plano, TX”  look no further than TLC Schools located on Hedgecoxe Road, Plano TX.  


Why TLC Schools?| Best Daycares Near Me

We aren’t just a child care center. Every program even for our infants is submersed in educational programming. We pride ourselves on our Cognia Accreditation and that we have been voted Best Dallas Preschool. 


Our age-appropriate classroom programs and immersive curriculum are designed to give your child the best learning experience possible. 


We teach the basic foundations of learning (math, language arts, reading) and also factor art, theater, social time, computer technology, foreign language and sign language into our curriculum. 


Our Extraordinary Curriculum

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Your child’s classroom program is dependent on their age, however these are some of the many educational tools to enhance our curriculum. 


Bright Baby

For infants through age 1

This program is designed specifically for developing brains and curious minds. We work on a variety of topics including social interaction, motor skill development, and language and emotion development. We create a strong foundation to build on as your child grows. 


Signing Time

In a previous article we discussed how Signing Time helped children learn. Even in infants, they can start to understand words and phrases before they are 12 months. By introducing them to sign language they are able to communicate with us before they even start to speak. 


We teach signing time all the way through age 5. Teaching them more words, phrases and the importance of inclusion and respecting others with different abilities than ours. 


High Reach Learning

We know that keeping a child’s attention is sometimes a challenge.  By integrating this hands-on program we make learning fun and exciting! This breaks up the monotony of basic learning and gives them a chance to explore education in a different and enrich their learning abilities 


Computer Technology

Technology is never going away. Learning how to respect and understand the value of technology is an important part of our curriculum. We don’t let our students sit and watch shows on the computers or iPads.


 We use programs like for computer time. This program incorporates fun games with learning and education. They will build puzzles, solve problems, read and play educational games. As they learn the program follows their journey and tracks their progress. 


This tool is insightful for parents and teachers alike and kids love the virtual classroom environment and spending their tickets (what they get when they complete a lesson) on decorating their classroom! 

Connect With Us Today

So what’s the answer to “what are the best daycares near me”?  TLC Schools in Plano, TX!  At TLC Schools, along with the education of our students, health of our students and staff is also top priority. We follow a strict cleaning schedule and use the ZONOs Machine to clean and disinfect toys and classroom objects (read our article: Meet the ZONOs machine at TLC Schools for more details). We have temperature checks and symptom monitoring to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 


Along with our dedication to health, we ensure a safe environment by only allowing staff into the facility with the students, a parent check-in and check-out procedure and the ability to live stream the classrooms to check on your child’s day. 


We choose to be the best each and every day for our students and families. If you have any questions we would be happy to connect with you and give you a virtual tour of our facility and set up a virtual meet and greet with our teachers. 


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