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While it may not be summer quite yet, it’s important to start thinking about what your child will be doing during their school break! TLC Schools offers a summer camp program on a yearly basis, and every year we get to enjoy participating in activities with your kids, helping them learn and grow, and seeing them laugh and have fun! There are so many benefits of summer camps, we hope that you’ll enroll your child in TLC Schools summer camp this year! 

Develops Life Skills

Summer camps involve a lot of activities that develop skills children will need later in life as well! These skills include leadership abilities, teamwork, communication, decision-making, determination, bravery, community, and more! In addition, your child will learn problem-solving skills when presented with new challenges that they wouldn’t necessarily face at home! 

Encourages Independence

While children are understandably dependent on their parents and caretakers, enrolling them in a summer camp can encourage them to develop some independence. This allows them to think for themselves in a safe and monitored environment, and come to their own conclusions about the world around them. This boosts their confidence and self-esteem! 

Enjoying Fun & Play

While playtime sometimes gets overlooked throughout the school year, summer camp is all about having fun while learning at the same time! The hands-on activities your child will enjoy will help them boost creativity, conflict-resolution, and out-of-the-box thinking! Play can also allow children to become more in-tune with their emotions, relieve stress, and grow their imagination!

Screen-Free Fun

Not only are children in summer camps participating in SO MANY fun activities, but the majority of these are also screen-free! Often, when children are home during school break, their screen time increases, and they may miss out on some opportunities to engage their minds in other ways. 

Go & Grow

Summer camps for kids are great opportunities to let children explore (and get out all their energy!). At TLC Schools, we keep kids active and engaged, allowing them to push themselves mentally and physically. This is a fun and healthy way to encourage growth, whether it be in mindset and emotional intelligence, or in knowing their physical limitations and their comfort zone! 

Build Friendships

Another one of the many benefits of summer camps is that children get the opportunity to create many friendships. These friendships have the potential to be long-lasting, as they are forged in the realm of teamwork, communication, and adventure. 

Engaging Intellect

Last, but not least, summer camps keep kids intellectually engaged throughout the school break. There is often a loss of information that takes place over these months, and the first few weeks of the next school year are spent covering information that has already been taught. Summer camps for kids can help prevent some of this! 

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TLC Schools Summer Camp

Looking for the best summer camp in Plano for your child? Look no further than TLC Schools! Enroll your child today! 

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