Toddler Day Care (12 Months to 24 Months)

toddler day care

TLC Schools Brings Early Education to Toddler Day Care

At this precious age, toddlers’ little minds are a sponge for learning opportunities. Toddlers are busy little people who love to climb, explore, build, and create. They are developing many new skills in their quest for independence by walking, talking, and discovering who they are and what they can do. It is a time of fascinating discoveries for our toddlers, a time to adjust to their environment as well as learn about themselves and others.

Toddlers are learning to master their bodies by walking, running, stooping, climbing, throwing and jumping. Our facilities allow your toddler to develop all these skills in a safe and well-equipped environment; all under the encouraging supervision of our well trained, nurturing, and degreed teachers.

Our Curriculum encourages young toddlers to explore the world around them, and will help them build vocabulary, small and large motor skills, creative expression, socialization, and much more!

TLC Toddlers Classrooms Include:

  • Emphasis on Gross Motor & Language Development
  • Theme Based Curriculum
  • A Walk, Talk, and Play Environment
  • Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Activities
  • Signing Time Curriculum
  • Songs, Rhymes, and Finger Plays
  • Sensory Sand/Water Table

Want to learn more about our toddler day care and early education curriculum? Contact us and schedule a tour today. TLC Schools is an accredited early childhood education facility and is consistently voted best in Plano child care by Living Magazine.

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