Private Kindergarten (5 to 6 Years)

private kindergarten

TLC Schools offers the best in Private Kindergarten.

TLC’s academics, assessments and encouragement of parent involvement insure that our Private Kindergarten program will provide your child with a strong foundation and all the necessary skills to succeed both in Kindergarten as well as in their future academic career. In the TLC Private Kindergarten program, your child will be encouraged to explore, develop and learn in a friendly, nurturing environment.

Students participate in arts and crafts, group activities and creative playtime in addition to basic academic studies such as reading, writing, and technology. Students are encouraged to succeed and they are praised on a daily basis for excellent achievement. Since TLC offers a Private Kindergarten, we are able to intellectually challenge our students above traditional standards with our advanced curriculum.

The commitment that the students, parents, and TLC share is evident in the students’ work, character, and future success.

Our students engage in a challenging and fulfilling day that leaves them with the desire of coming back the next day. They explore, learn and review various phonics-based curriculums that include: vowels, consonants, blends, one- and two- vowel words, words with special sounds, and sentence comprehension. Students become more comfortable with reading and develop a strong desire for books that will follow them throughout their lives. Writing becomes an essential part of their daily routine. Students are introduced to tests, written and oral, that measure their aptitude for learning phonics, math, science, and social studies.

TLC Kindergarten Classrooms Include:

  • ABeka Curriculum©
  • Structured First Grade Readiness
  • Advanced Phonics & Reading, Number Skills through 100
  • McMillian Science Units
  • Whole Child Assessment
  • Science and Health
  • Poetry
  • Basic Math Concepts
  • Computer Skills
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language Studies
  • Music and Creative Movement
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gross Motor Activities
  • Signing Time Curriculum


TLC Expectations of Completion:

  • Writing first and last name
  • Recognizing and identifying all capital and lower case letters
  • Learning all consonant sounds
  • Writing D’Nealian print
  • Recognizing color and number words
  • Identifying rhyming words
  • Knowing the days of the week, seasons and months of the year
  • Speaking in complete sentences
  • Identifying beginning and ending sounds in words
  • Attempting to write phonetically
  • Counting to at least 50
  • Writing numbers to at least 10
  • Recognizing and identifying numbers 1-20
  • Following three-step directions
  • Completing six-step sequences
  • Reciting their name, address, phone number, birthday and where they go to school
  • Identifying all basic shapes and colors
  • Sorting and classifying objects
  • Using scissors appropriately
  • Reproducing and recognizing patterns
  • Knowing family members and their relationships to one another
  • Practicing life skills such as, buttoning, zipping, snapping, tying shoes and dressing

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