Pre Kindergarten Curriculum (4 to 5 Years)

pre kindergarten curriculum

Learn more about our pre kindergarten curriculum at TLC.

For Pre Kindergarten age children, preschool is an exciting place filled with many opportunities to learn and explore every day. TLC is a place where your child can do just that. Although it is a place full of continued fun and excitement, it doesn’t lose the focus of being a school that teaches and promotes your child’s education. Our degreed teachers and staff provide the type of warm attention and encouragement that will prepare young children for future success in the classroom.

At the age of four, our children are exposed to more advanced curriculum that challenges their increasing ability to learn. With educational games, the children develop a sense of learning that is fun and inspiring towards future academic success. The Pre Kindergarten curriculum classes are filled daily with many child friendly activities that include group songs, games, physical activities, academic studies, language development, creative arts, story telling, and science activities. The love for learning becomes a passion for the children to continue throughout their academic career.

Our curriculum is the equivalent of a four-year-old Kindergarten and builds a strong foundation for school readiness. Throughout the school year, each child goes through periodic evaluations, which are an important part of our assessments. Children begin to read words and to understand simple math sentences including addition and subtraction. Children continue to develop listening skills and motor coordination through activities such as following instructions, coloring, cutting, directed drawing, and child inspired art. Children start to create well-defined goals for themselves and feel a sense of accomplishment when met.


TLC Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms Include:

  • ABeka Curriculum©
  • Center Based Classrooms
  • D’nealian Writing
  • Sounding of Consonants & Vowels to Form Words
  • Number Concepts through 100
  • Sounds Letters & Word Formation
  • Music, Spanish, Computer, and Signing Time Curriculums

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