Infant Day Care (6 weeks to 12 months)

Start Baby off Right with TLC Schools Infant Day Care Programs

infant day care

Infant Day Care at TLC Schools is a great way to start your little student into a positive educational experience.

At TLC we want your infant to thrive in a nurtured, loving environment giving them a solid foundation to learning. Cuddling and holding very young children is a big part of what we do everyday. Our Bright Baby© program actively engages and stimulates infants through social interactions: talking, playing, moving, singing, reading, and signing.

Our goal is to incorporate love into your infant’s learning experience. We know that young children learn best through responsive, warm and caring relationships. Secure, comforting situations take place under the watchful eye of qualified caregivers who help teach babies the necessary skills for development and growth.

TLC’s infant day care rooms have well designed areas where your infant can develop large motor skills such as sitting, crawling, pulling up, and eventually walking. As your baby begins experiencing life’s little joys, our staff is always right there providing plenty of warm praise and encouragement.

Every day activities such as diapering, feeding and gentle rocking provide the staff members with opportunities to bond with your infant. This includes a time to interact, talk, sing, and hold them.


TLC Infant Day Care Classrooms Include:

  • Warm, Comfortable Environment
  • Nurturing Caregivers
  • Stimulating Toys and Equipment for Visual, Tactile, and Verbal Development
  • Outdoor Bye-Bye Buggy Experiences
  • Safe, Sanitized, Clean Classrooms
  • Communication through Baby Signing


We would love to meet your little student! First, get to know TLC Schools. You can give one of our representatives a call, download our white paper, or schedule a tour to learn more about our early preschool classrooms. We know that once you see our beautiful facilities, you will love TLC Schools as much as our staff and students do. It’s why we are consistently voted best in Plano child care. We look forward to hearing from you!


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