Early Preschool (2 to 3 years)

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early preschool

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Two and three-year-olds are active and curious. They are eager to express their opinions and feelings, and are learning how to engage with their peers and adults. A portion of Early Preschool experience at TLC is grasping the concept of sharing, self-praise and getting to know and get along with your peers. At this age they begin to participate in group activities for longer periods of time such as singing songs during music, playing games, storytelling and creative arts.

The curriculum that we implement is recognized for its educational excellence ,which makes the transition from Early Preschool to Pre-Kindergarten a smooth and enjoyable one. With the Language Development Visuals, children develop their language and listening skills as they learn about and discuss people and the world around them. The transition from two-year-old to three-year-old classrooms comes with early writing skills and clear objectives. Children learn letter formation and practice hand-eye coordination as they trace or glue items to letters.


TLC Schools Early Preschool Classrooms Include:

  • Phonics Based Curriculum
  • Language Development & Listening Skills
  • Beginning Letter Recognition
  • Simple Counting & Number Concepts Supplement with Music, Computers, and Foreign Language Curriculums
  • Science, Social Studies, Art & More through Discovery Learning
  • Signing Time Curriculum
  • Children-Directed Learning Centers
  • Dramatic Play Center

We would love to meet your little student! First, get to know TLC Schools. You can give one of our representatives a call, download our white paper, or schedule a tour to learn more about our early preschool classrooms. We know that once you see our beautiful facilities, you will love TLC Schools as much as our staff and students do. It’s why we were voted best in Plano child care. We look forward to hearing from you!

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