Baby Signing Time

baby signing time

Your little student will love baby signing time at TLC Schools.

Baby Signing Time is a Unique Program at Plano Preschool

“We have had tremendous results since offering signing to all of our students from infants to school-aged children.” – Lori Stewart, Executive Director

Once babies are six months old, they are introduced to a new form of communication through sign language. Studies conducted by Dr. Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University demonstrate the very positive impact of singing on development and learning from early childhood through elementary school.

Teachers who use these two modes of communication– their mouths and their hands – can be much more effective in helping their students learn and retain information.

Research has shown that babies who can sign are happier, their needs are met more quickly, their behavior can be better regulated, and they are more engaged in interactions with their parents. Our parents have been amazed at the progress their young children make through sign language

Baby Signing Time sets your baby’s day to music with signs, songs, animation, and real signing babies for every day events like playtime, getting dressed, going places, getting ready for bed, manners, and more. Baby Signing Time teaches American Sign Language and makes it easy for parents and children to learn sign language.

Our Baby Signing Time program was featured on local Dallas news! You can find out more about our Baby Signing Time program here.

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