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When it comes to teaching your child, our preschool in Plano finds the perfect balance between pushing your child and introducing them to new concepts. No matter how old your child is, our team of trained educators helps your child get their best start possible. To accomplish this, our team has searched for the best curriculum available to ensure that your child is challenged and is prepared for kindergarten and beyond. As your child gets older and smarter, the curriculum grows with it. This process starts even with infants thanks to the HighReach Learning Curriculum. Today’s post will explore why our Plano preschool chose the HighReach Learning curriculum and how it helps your child prepare for their future.

Why HighReach?

The HighReach Learning Curriculum is for infants and toddlers, all the way up through three-year-olds and pre-k. After searching for the best early education curriculum around, our team chose the HighReach curriculum for a few reasons:

  • Encourages hands-on learning
  • Helps educators meet a child’s growing demands for learning
  • Creates a fun and engaging learning environment

At our preschool in Plano, we believe that learning should be fun yet challenging, and the HiighReach curriculum meets both of those requirements. Children will learn through doing and performing activities that teach both fundamental knowledge and physical development. Children love engaging in learning activities that let them express themselves. As your child grows older, she will participate in activities that grow with her, pushing her yet always appealing to their sense of fun.

Through the HighReach Learning curriculum, a child will grasp core knowledge that set up a foundation for future learning. Young children will gain basics, like identifying colors, while older children will start learning the alphabet. This is accomplished through creative projects, like visual art and collages, as well as a number of other fun activities.

One of the best benefits of the HighReach Learning Curriculum is that parents get to see their child’s growth with take home material. Our preschool in Plano loves when parents get involve in their child’s education, and your child will bring home evidence of what he has learned throughout the month, whether that’s a handmade book or decorated puppets. We find that children get excited about learning, and most children will be eager to share with you what they learned in school.

Finally, our TLC Schools team works with each child to help them learn at her own pace. The HighReach Learning Curriculum grows with your child, and our team of education experts make sure that your child stays in the sweet spot of learning; we want your child to always be learning!

If you want to learn more about our HighReach Learning Curriculum, you can learn more online or you can contact our team and speak to one of our passionate team members directly. Discover what makes TLC Schools one of the best preschools in Plano by scheduling a tour and seeing firsthand why our school is special!

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