Why January is the Perfect Time to Look for a Preschool

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Picking a preschool does not have to be stressful! Whether you’re moving to a new area, have a child ready to attend preschool, or looking for a switch from a different school, picking a new preschool can (and should) take some time but is worth it in the long run for you and your child. We have discussed in the past how to choose the right school for your child, but we wanted to take a moment to look at when parents should look for a preschool for their child.

January is the perfect time to begin the search for your child. When looking for the best Plano preschool, you want to take the right amount of time to make your decision. Some preschools require you to submit an application, usually in January before the fall you wish your child to start. One of the benefits of choosing TLC Schools is that we have a rolling submission, meaning that you can enroll your child anytime. Still, researching a preschool is never a bad idea, so even if the preschool you ultimately choose has a rolling deadline like TLC Schools, it is a good idea to start researching in January.

A few things you should consider doing when researching a preschool:

Schedule a tour

Scheduling a tour is a great way to get a firsthand feel for a school. You can even bring your child to see how they react to the environment. Many Plano preschools have guided tours that you can schedule ahead, while some have drop-in tours. TLC Schools offers both, so contact us to set up a tour or drop in for a tour at your convenience.

Talk to parents

If possible, talk to parents who are currently enrolled in the program. Staff members are also great to talk to, as they will give you a picture of what it’s like to work at the school. TLC Schools has a very happy crowd of parents willing to speak highly of our Plano preschool. That’s probably why we’re consistently rated the Best of Living Magazine.

Do Your Research

Check out the school’s curriculum. Look for reviews online. Visit their Facebook page. All of these are great ways to get a feeling for a school. TLC Schools has a sterling reputation online and we gladly talk about the kind of curriculum we employ at the school. Check us out online and discover what makes TLC Schools so special!

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