The Importance of a Spanish Curriculum at our Plano Preschool

spanish curriculum

TLC Schools offers your child their best start possible, and we do that by employing best practices from education experts. One thing that many researchers in the field of early education agree on is the benefit of learning a second language. Because of that, our preschool in Plano teaches early childhood Spanish. There are many reasons to learn a second language, which we’ll explore in today’s blog post, but ultimately the reason why our Plano preschool chooses to teach your children a second language is because it helps them get a head start in life!

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and one of the most common languages in the US. Teaching your child Spanish helps them understand the world around them. We also teach American Sign Language, which has the additional benefit of helping refine your child’s fine motor skills.

So why learn a second language? What are the benefits to learning a second language at an early age? Here is what the research says:

  • Learning a second language increases your child’s ability to learn

Learning a second language kicks your brain into overtime. There is so much to learn, including grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Research has shown that your memory improves when learning a second language. Your brain is literally getting a workout, and this improved memory can help your child learn vital foundational knowledge faster and retain it longer.

  • Learning a second language earlier is easier

As an adult, we have spent decades speaking and thinking in one particular language (at least most of us). Children, on the other hand, are just starting to conceptualize the world. Young children are still learning their colors, their shapes, and their numbers, so learning the same concepts in multiple languages. It will be much easier for them to learn that the number 1 can either be “one” or “uno.” For adults, on the other hand, we have to rewire our brains to understand that different words can have the same meaning but in different languages.

  • Multilingual children score higher on standardized tests

With so many benefits to learning a second language, is it any surprise that multilingual children score higher on standardized tests? Not only does learning a second language improve problem solving skills and boost creativity, but they also can help your child multitask. It makes sense, then, that our Plano preschool teaches a second language. Learning Spanish now can help your child throughout their whole life.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in our preschool in Plano, contact our team today. With our comprehensive approach to education, we know that your child will get her best start at TLC Schools.

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