Benefits of the Abeka Curriculum


What makes a school? Is it the teachers? The students? Or the curriculum? The answer is, of course, all three. TLC Schools is home to great teachers who care about your child’s development. We wanted the best teachers possible to teach your children, and we carefully chose our staff. We did the same when deciding on our curriculum. After careful consideration, our team chose the Abeka curriculum. These two factors together mean that our Plano preschool attract great students and families. So how did we decide on the Abeka© curriculum? Find out in today’s blog post!

The most important thing when it comes to a good curriculum is that it challenges your child to continue to learn as they get older. With the Abeka curriculum, the material grows with your child. This is important, as our Plano preschool wants to help your child develop a lifelong love of learning. By offering engaging material that teaches your child fundamental ideas, your child will enjoy the process of learning.

The Abeka curriculum itself starts at the age of two. Its primary focus at this age is to help your child develop his or her listening and language skills. This is accomplished through arts, crafts, and other projects. These concepts are strengthened by teaching your child basic, core information, such as:

  • Color words
  • Animals
  • Shapes
  • Countries
  • Safety rules
  • Manners
  • Basic science ideas
  • Basic math skills, like counting and numbers 1-25
  • Number concepts 1-10

As your child masters these ideas, they will move on to more advanced concepts. For most children, this takes place around the time they turn three. At this point, they have grasped some fundamental information, and the Abeka curriculum builds off those ideas. For our threes class, they will begin learning:

  • Name recognition
  • Sounds recognition
  • Picture recognition
  • Vowel and consonants formation, both uppercase and lowercase
  • Counting 1-25
  • Number concepts 1-15

When your child is ready for it, our Plano preschool program prepares your child for the rest of their educational lives with even more concepts. These more advanced concepts help your child grow and understand the world around them better. On top of the aforementioned concepts, the preschool curriculum adds:

  • Reading short sentences
  • Handwriting skills
  • Number skills 1-100
  • Number concepts 1-20
  • Simple addition

The Abeka curriculum is the best way for your child to get ready for kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. If you want to learn more about our Plano childcare, you can click here or schedule a tour to experience our school firsthand.

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