Teaching Charity this Holiday Season

teaching charity

The spirit of the holidays can sometimes get lost in shopping lists and flashy decorations, but at the very core of the season, what matters most is how we treat one another, both family members and strangers. At TLC Schools, we aim to help your children grow up to be exceptional members of society, and because of that, we wanted to help parents teach their children charity. Charity and kindness are key parts of the holiday season, but charity is a trait that should be shown year-round.

One of the best ways to teach your child charity during the holiday season is to remind them that the real value of a gift is in the spirit of giving rather than the gift itself. For older children, they might understand this concept easier than younger children, but regardless of how old your child is, encourage them to thank the gift giver if in person or by giving them a call (or sending a letter or email) if they live elsewhere. You should also encourage a child to craft and gift small presents to family members that show them how your child feels about them.

Volunteering is a great form of charity and is highly encouraged during the holiday season. Volunteer as a family and spread the holiday cheer to those in need. One of the best ways to teach charity is by donating time and things to those in need. Many businesses and organizations connect families to those in need and create wish lists of things the family needs. You can also participate in food drives or toy drives.

There are many opportunities for volunteering throughout most communities, at churches and at secular organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Free the Children, and American Red Cross. Even after the holiday season comes to an end, keep volunteering with your child and help make your community a better place.

Charity is a great personality trait to build in your child. Charity encourages kindness, humility, and a sense of community. Remember that your child emulates your actions, so doing charitable deeds with your child will set a good example that they can follow both now and in the future. Take a moment out of your holiday celebration to teach your child charity and remind everyone of the spirit of the season.

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