Recruiting Your Child for Holiday Kitchen Help


The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but the designated cook in your family is sure to feel an extra burden if you plan on hosting family and friends. Many of us can attest to the fact that the cook in the family often disappears for hours at a time, preparing the bounty of the holiday. This holiday season, TLC Schools has put together a few tips on how to get your child involved in the kitchen. Doing so will allow your child to spend time with you as well as pick up some skills that may help them later in life. Your child helping in the kitchen will also help him appreciate the amount of work that goes into every holiday meal!

Here are some fun ideas on how to involve your child in the kitchen during the holidays:

Stir, stir, stir!

Stirring can be tiring work. Whether it’s mixing up the cranberry sauce or mixing ingredients for a pie, stirring takes time and energy—two things your child has plenty of! Give your child a bowl, a large spoon, and set them to work. This works out because most recipes that you can pass off to your child can rarely be over-stirred.

Get their fingers working

So much of cooking involves getting down and dirty with ingredients. After making sure your child washes his hands, set them loose on fun kitchen jobs like snapping green beans or tearing apart biscuit dough.

Set the table

While we wouldn’t encourage younger children to try setting heavier objects like plates or fragile objects like glasses, setting the rest of the table is fair game. For some added fun, have your child decide who sits where, especially if you are having only family over for holidays. Even if you have company over outside of the family, explain that your child wanted to get involved and have a little fun. That’ll usually explain any messiness.

While it can be fun to have your child in the kitchen, remember to put safety above everything else. Keep your child away from the stove or hot pots and pans, as well as any dangerous kitchen utensils or tools. We hope you have a great holiday season with your child and entire family!

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