Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

DIY Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming in just a few weeks, and at TLC Schools, we are getting excited for the holiday. With plenty of events taking place in the next weeks, our school will be putting on its spooky best for a ghoulishly good time! If you and your child want to get ready for Halloween at home, we have put together a list of fun DIY Halloween costumes. DIY Halloween costumes can save you some money and offer a bonding experience for you and your child. Here are a few ideas!

Rubber Ducky

You probably have put up the pool toys, but a quick rummage through them can offer up a cheap and cute Halloween costume. If you have a rubber ducky inflatable raft, simply inflate it and add some suspenders if it is not tight around your child. Inflate some white balloons for an added effect of bubbles in the bathtub and affix them around the inflatable duck.

Little Devil

Dress your child in red pants, red shirt or sweater, and add a red headband. To complete the look, cut off two long fingers from a rubber glove and fill them with cotton balls. Cover the outside with glue and roll them in red glitter. Once dried, glue them to the headband. You can also create a tail by cutting out felt about four inches wide and however long you want the tail to be. Fold the tail over lengthwise and glue them to create a pocket. To give it support, straighten clothes hangers and push them through the tail. You can then either glue, pin, or tape the tail to the back of the sweatshirt.

Panda Bear

For this cute costume, you will need a white beanie, some white felt, and some black felt. To create this simple but adorable costume, you will need to cut out some black circles for the panda’s eyes and a smaller circle for its nose. Then cut out two half circles for ears. Safety pin or glue the black felt to the hat: put the ears sticking up off the back of the white beanie and put the eyes towards the front of the beanie. Finally, add the nose to the middle. Cut out some white felt in a wide white oval and affix it to a black shirt, large enough to cover most of your child’s belly. Put your child in some black pants as well and complete the look!

You can always buy a Halloween costume for your child, but there’s something satisfying about making your own!

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