How to find the Perfect Babysitter

perfect babysitter

Your little one brings you so much joy, but at some point, you will need to find a babysitter to watch your child. Whether for work or for leisure, you will eventually need someone else to watch your child. While this might make you nervous, you can follow these tips to find the perfect babysitter and alleviate some of your anxiety. Finding someone who cares for your child as much as you do (and TLC Schools does) is something to invest time in, so be thorough and find the perfect babysitter for you!

  • All about references

References are key when choosing your perfect babysitter. Whether choosing a professional or a family friend, you should always ask for references. A professional service should provide references upfront, and for non-professionals you should ask for a few families that they’ve worked with. Instead of just looking for positive or negative comments, you should also consider the families they’ve worked with and how similar they are to yours.

  • Introduce your child

It is important that your child develops a rapport with their babysitter. Before you completely commit to a babysitter, arrange for them to meet your child. Many children are uncomfortable with strangers (rightfully so), but you should be observing closely to see how the babysitter interacts with your child. You could also try a partial session, where you stay and observe the sitter and then leave for a brief errand. Afterwards, be sure to ask your child how they felt about the experience.

  • Family friend or pro?

There are professional childcare services, but many families turn to family friends for babysitting services. A great babysitter can come from either source, but it is important to consider the skills of whomever you hire. A babysitter will have to take care of any situation that arises, so things like knowing CPR, first aid, and other useful skills can make a huge difference in your child’s safety.

  • How to figure out pay?

Payment can be tricky, but a good rate these days is around $10 per hour for a non-professional babysitter and $15 per hour for an experienced sitter or nanny. These rates may fluctuate depending on where you live and how much experience the person has. You should also consider your own personal finances when deciding payment as well.

Finding the perfect babysitter can be tricky, but given time, you will be happy that you put time and effort into selecting the perfect sitter for your child. A babysitter can be an invaluable member of your child’s support team, helping you in sudden situations and providing care when you need backup.

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