Teaching a Child Music

teaching a child music

Music is the universal language, but it’s also great to help your child’s development. Learning music can have a number of benefits. Music increases creativity and can help with math skills. At TLC Schools, we build your child’s music skills through singalongs and rhythms. If you are interested in helping your child learn even more about music, you can follow these tips on how to teach your child music skills.

Keep it Simple First

Music can get very, very complicated, but it’s important to encourage your child at first and not intimidate them (something very easy to do if you know music theory at all). Encourage your child to experiment with rhythm and playing around with an instrument, like a piano or keyboard. The human ear can usually tell when notes belong together and when they don’t.

Start with the Basics

When it comes to music, fundamentals are key. Learning scales is advanced, but even young children can memorize a series of notes. You do not have to shove tons of music theory at them all at once, but you can start teaching them basic scales. From there, you can explain how certain notes work together to form chords.

Not All Instruments Were Made Equal

While almost every instrument has their unique complexities, some instruments are much harder to play than others for a child. For example, a child will be much more likely able to play a recorder than a clarinet, but over time, the basics of learning a simple instrument like the recorder can translate into skills for other musical instruments.

Play With (or For) Your Child

Showing your child firsthand the joys of music is a great way to encourage them to become passionate about music. Playing your favorite songs, listening to music together, signing along with music, and performing music for your child are all great ways to inspire a love of music.

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