Involving Your Child in Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is a lot like taxes for most families: it’s inevitable and a lot of families hate doing it. However, you don’t have to view grocery shopping as a necessary evil. In fact, grocery shopping is a great opportunity to spend some time with your child and get her involved in making food. Furthermore, the grocery store is ripe with opportunity to teach your child math skills and shopping skills.

Easy Numbers

Math at the grocery store is a great way to test older children’s math skills. For example, you can ask your child if certain items are worth more or less than a certain amount. This can actually help you budget, as well as refine your child’s math skills! For decimals, you can teach your child about rounding numbers to the nearest whole number.

Words and Concepts

Your grocery list offers an opportunity for your young reader to match words with concepts. Obviously, you should keep an eye on your child, but you could take them to the appropriate aisle and ask them to find a particular product. You can also ask them to find an object based on color, particularly if you are wanting a specific brand. For example, “Grab the mustard with the blue label on the front.”

Shopping Skills

Comparative shopping is a useful skill to teach your child. Many grocery stores put a price per ounce or price per unit underneath the total price. You can use this number to ask your child to compare value. You can also ask your child to compare sizes, shapes, and other attributes. Teaching your child how to get the best value early on can prepare them for shopping in the future.

The grocery store is a great teaching opportunity for your child. At TLC Schools, we believe that life offers plenty of lessons. Contact TLC Schools today to learn how our award-winning curriculum can help your child in the classroom and beyond!

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