When to Start Looking for a Preschool?

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As parents, you are surely aware by now the importance of early education. Research has proven that early education can improve a child’s behavior, raise their IQ scores, and help foster a lifelong love of learning that they would otherwise miss out on. Many parents begin wondering about preschool the moment that they give birth, and some even before that! At TLC Schools, we wanted to provide some advice on when parents should start looking for a preschool. After all, looking for a preschool can be a complicated, time-consuming process, but we’re here to make it easier!

When to start looking for a preschool depends on when you want your child to attend a program. Traditionally, preschool is for children ages 3 or 4, but at TLC Schools, we begin teaching children even younger. Our infant program is equal parts nurturing and teaching, and we help improve your infant’s motor skills, develop basic language foundations, and more.

Conventional wisdom says that the best time to start looking for a preschool is the January before your child’s first date of expected attendance. For example, if your child turns three in March of 2017, you should have begun your search for a preschool in January. This idea came about because many schools only offer a limited window of when they offer tours and when classes form. At TLC Schools, we offer a rolling enrollment and welcome children during the school year. We also offer tours, either scheduled in advance or impromptu tours, throughout the year. We understand that life does not always line up with school semesters, and therefore, have made it much easier for parents to enjoy our award-winning program.

So when should parents start looking for a preschool? That’s a complicated question. We would recommend researching a few months before you are ready to send your child to preschool. This gives you plenty of time to research, set up tours, and help your child get comfortable with the idea of going to school. Our friendly staff at TLC Schools can help make this transition easy, so be sure to give us a call if you need help!

At TLC Schools, we understand that parents need access to great child care and early education, even at the last minute. We would love for you to contact us and learn about TLC Schools. Give us a call today or request our pre-k survival guide online for free!

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