What Happens if You Miss Preschool Enrollment?


Some preschools have a fixed deadline for their programs. At TLC Schools, we understand that there are special circumstances where making those deadlines can be difficult. To help families ensure that their children get the best start possible, we offer a rolling deadline, so that you can enroll your child into our award-winning preschool any time of year.

While TLC Schools may offer accommodating policies, other schools in the area may not be as flexible and you should check with their administrative staff on a location-by-location basis. To help you speed up your enrollment process, it is recommended that you have the necessary paperwork and forms ready to go. These often include immunization records, proof of residence, and a few other essential identifying information.

One of the reasons why TLC Schools doesn’t have a fixed enrollment date is because of our educational philosophy. We believe that every child develops at a different rate, and so our teachers work with each child to ensure that they are learning at the right pace. Because of our individual attention to students, even if a student joins TLC Schools after the start of the semester, they can enjoy a great early education to help them excel both now and in the future.

If you have missed deadlines at other schools in Plano, you can contact TLC Schools and enroll your child in our award-winning program. Not only can take advantage of our rolling deadline, but you can also stop by and get a tour during our normal business hours. For a more personalized tour, you can contact us ahead of time and schedule a tour with our team.

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