Back to School: How to Get Ready for a New Year

back to school

With summer drawing to a close, families are looking to the start of a new school year. Whether your child has been attending school for a few years now or if they are just preparing to start preschool, going back to school can be a mix of exhilaration and stress. At TLC Schools, we have put together a few tips on how to prepare for the new school year.

  • It’s not all about physical preparation

First and foremost, there will be many lists like this that talk about where to find the best deals on supplies, what school supplies are more essential than other, and the like, but we think that the emotional preparation is important. Going back to school is exciting for many children, but for some, it can be stressful. Talk to your child and get a feel for their emotional health. Talk to them about their anxieties and help them work through their emotions.

  • Talk to the teachers

When in doubt on what your child needs to start preschool, talk to the teachers. Teachers are the ones who your child will be interacting with the most, and the teachers will know exactly what your child should bring. In some situations, you may find that some supplies are provided by the classroom.

  • Schedule a tour ahead of time

Especially if your child is just starting at a school, scheduling a tour can make your child feel more comfortable and reduce their anxiety. While a lot of children are adaptable, it is always a good idea to help them feel comfortable to introduce them to their new environment ahead of time. At TLC Schools, you can bring your child by at your leisure for an impromptu tour or you can call ahead and schedule a tour in advance.

Back to school is an exciting time for many families. If you are still searching for a preschool in Plano, contact TLC Schools today and schedule a tour. It’s not too late to have your child enjoy a great start to their education!

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