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baby monitors

The necessity of baby monitors varies from household to household. If you plan on keeping your child in the room with you, then you do not need a baby monitor because obviously you can just roll over and check their crib! However, if you plan on having your baby in a different part of the house, a baby monitor can be an indispensable tool. Baby monitors have come a long way from the days of being a glorified walkie-talkie. Nowadays, baby monitors can provide video as well.

We examine some of the best baby monitors on the market to help you decide how to digitally watch your child!

Best audio monitors

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

Retailing around $60, these affordable audio monitors are highly-rated. One of the best pros of this baby monitor is its range, connecting with the master unit over a hundred yards. Furthermore, the baby monitor has a built-in nightlight and thermometer. The most common complaint with this particular model is that the nightlight is very bright, so keep that in mind when positioning it in your child’s room.

Phillips Avent DECT Monitor

This particular baby monitor retails a bit higher than the Angelcare monitor; however, it has a ton of bells and whistles on it. The monitor can broadcast over 60 different channels and automatically selects the best one. The range is also impressive, extending over 1,000 linear feet. Finally, the baby monitor has a nightlight, two-way communication, thermostat, and built-in lullabies!

Best video monitors

Infant Optics DXR-5 Video Baby Monitor

Portable, affordable, and smaller, the DXR-5 is a variation on the DXR-8 also on this list. While the other cameras on this list have bigger displays, the DXR-5 is definitely designed to be carried around, as the screen measures at just 2.4”. This smaller screen and increased portability has a trade-off of offering less detail in the picture, however.

Samsung BrightVIEW HD

Another highly-rated monitor, this Samsung video monitor allows you to watch your child in high definition. You can also pan the camera as well as zoom in to check around your baby’s room. The reception is around 900 feet to the included touch screen monitor. On top of being a great baby monitor, the video monitor also has two-way talk and voice activated mode, as well as pre-programmed lullabies.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This option is slightly more affordable than the Samsung video monitor, and with the reduction in price is a slight loss of features. For example, the display is smaller, coming in at 3.5”. However, this video monitor is a great value and includes many of the features, including two-way talk and pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

At TLC Schools, we employ professional cameras to keep track of your children at all times. In fact, parents will even receive a special login information so they can tune into cameras and watch their child during their time at TLC Schools. We understand the importance of keeping an eye on your child!

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