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Most of us understand the importance of early education [link to blog post 1], but the question of where you should send your child can still be a daunting proposition. There are many options and, to make things even more difficult for parents, there are many good options. Ultimately, parents will have to choose, and some of the factors may be based on their personal preference.

We encourage families to come visit our campuses to learn more about our program, meet our teachers, and explore our safe and inviting facilities. TLC Schools has been helping children reach their full potential since 1996, and our proven curriculum and supportive teachers bring out the best in your child. While we hope that you will find TLC Schools to be the right choice for you and your child, we want to offer some advice on how to choose a school for your child and let you be the final judge.

The Importance of Visiting

Reading about a school can cover the important highlights and establish the facts, but the benefit of actually visiting a campus cannot be stressed. Stepping foot on a school’s campus allows parents to see interactions that are not easily expressed on brochures. When you visit a school, look to see how teachers interact with students, how neat classrooms are, and the general demeanor of everyone. Do children seem excited to be there? Do you get a sense that students and teachers take pride in their classroom? Spend some time at the classroom and don’t rush through a tour.

If you’re interested in visiting TLC Schools, we have open enrollment and tours that can be scheduled for virtually any time.

The Next Step

One of the best ways to judge a school or pre-school is to see what happens to their students after they are done with the program. If you can, try and talk to parents whose children recently graduated from the program. What did they have to say about the experience? What are their children doing now? Did they feel prepared for the next step in their education?

Certified or Uncertified

Make sure you understand the fundamental difference between teachers that are certified and not. Certified teachers will be able to provide a high quality of education to their students and are trained to help children grasp concepts, introduce new material, and help your child if they are having difficulty with lessons. Uncertified staff may not be able to assist as well as certified teachers, and they may not prioritize education as much as they should. The benefits of early education are innumerable and may seriously assist your child later in life.

TLC Schools employs only teachers with their education certification. We encourage you to read about the difference between TLC Schools and other school programs.

Classroom Size

Classroom size is important to offer your child individual attention. You want to make sure that teachers can spend at least some time with each child, giving them personal attention and care. That being said, classroom size should not necessarily be the final decision-maker to help you choose a school. A classroom can have a good ratio, but if teachers aren’t using time to interact with children individually or in small groups, then the ratio or class size doesn’t make as a big of an impact—just another reason to go and observe the classroom! Sometimes a classroom with a lot of students can be just as effective as a small classroom.

These are just a few factors to consider when looking for a new school for your child. Parents should make the decision carefully, as early education will have a tremendous impact on your child. Plan to visit the school, maybe even more than once if you are still not certain. If you have reservations or questions about a certain program, always ask a staff member or a parent whose child is already enrolled in the program.

We welcome new students and encourage parents to schedule a tour any time of year. If you are excited about TLC Schools as so many of our parents are, you can take advantage of our open enrollment all year long. Call us today and discover what makes TLC Schools one of the best schools in North Texas!

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